One of the considerations we can now make in the digital era is to whether our deceased friend of family member is to have an internet memorial. Many funeral directors now offer this facility as part of a funeral plan and run their own memorial pages.  On-line memorials can include funeral arrangements and messages from the deceased persons family, and charity donations can be included. There are some independant sites that offer both paid and free on-line memorials. If you would like a digital memorial created then there are several points to think about. 

1. Who will pay to host the memorial? If it is part of another website, what is their guarantee to keep it updated?

2. Do you want others to be able to comment on the memorial site? 

3. Do you want to link an internet memorial to a physical one? This can be done easily with QR code technology.

4. Do you want to be able to add content to the memorial and will you have future access? 

5. Do you want to ask  visitors  to donate to a charity in the persons memory? 

6. Is the memorial backed up in the event of the host provision ceasing to administer the memorial? 

7. Do you want your memorial to contain text, pictures video and sound? 

8. If you decide to use Facebook, then ensure that you are working within their guidelines otherwise you may well find the page is closed. 

If you would like to discuss these options with us, we are happy to explain them; please use the contact form to get in touch.

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