A Tree of Life

Traditional burial practices are becoming very expensive, and many people are looking for alternative ways to celebrate the life of loved ones. Many people consider not only the expense, but also the environmental implications of future cemeteries. 

Several companies are developing products that consider these issues, both for burial and cremation. The Italian Capsular Mundi Project designers have created egg shape pods that can contain a body or human ashes. The pod is designed to be buried as a seed, and a tree would be planted above. 

The tree will grow as a memorial to the deceased and will leave a living legacy for family and friends. If many trees are planted then it is hoped that future cemeteries will become forests.

The Bios Urn, which is a Kickstarter project, is a fully biodegradable urn for human ashes that will grow into a tree and become a living memorial. 

We are very pleased to have permission to use this lovely poem in our blog that was written by Gary Heald: 

A Tree of Life 

What better way could I depart

Not as an end, but as a start

To grow up tall and strong and free

Remember as a single tree

To give to nature is our must

As we transcended from dust to dust

As I become the woodland floor

The energy still at my core

Let other creatures live in me

Birds and Bugs all there to see

At night a branch for owls to rest

By day the fledgelings in their nest

So stay a while and rest with me

As I am living as a tree

Then look upon the forest whole

Each one a gentle living soul

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